Pros and cons of getting a 3rd dog

Pros and cons of getting a 3rd dog

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Pros and cons of getting a 3rd dog

Pro's - The dog I was looking at needed to be trained with a pull toy.

I thought this would be great for our pups because they can be trained with the tug of war and then once they have learned to get it would transition into the real thing. We don't use treats or rewards, just a nice tug of war over some toys.

The dog I was looking at had been in a shelter for about 3 weeks and wasn't neutered and would be available on May 9th. It didn't have papers.

Another Pro for me was it was only $25 per month.

Cons - This is a shelter dog, therefore it can't be socialized.

My family can't have dogs that are not "pet friendly". So basically I couldn't take a dog from a pet friendly house and expect it to live at home, because my house is not pet friendly.

I wasn't sure if I could keep it.

Well, this was the dog that I ended up getting. I would be taking her to the vet on May 7th and that day she would get her injections and shots. I couldn't wait to get her home so that I could spend some quality time with her.

Well, it took a while to find a house that would let her stay, but eventually I found a house. She is now 6 months old. Here are some pictures of her.

This is her when I got her. Notice her long legs and her belly. She loves to jump.

We took her to the vet and she has had her shots and vet check up. She came back with a list of things to get checked up on, and I called the vet right after and made sure everything was ok. I then called the vet to see what she should be having done on her 1 year check up. She is going to need to have her shots redone in a few weeks.

She is a very obedient dog. She lets me touch her all over. She loves to do tricks and play. We have had one bad incident that we are still trying to get past.

There is a neighbor, right next door, and she saw my dog running and didn't think that there were any dogs running. She didn't even know we had a dog until I got home. When I went outside I told her to stop, and I saw that she was very scared and startled. She backed away slowly, then ran home. I think it is so hard to make her realize that she needs to treat other dogs and people kindly. However, I know she can do it because I see it on other dogs. She has already met and befriended two new dogs since we got her.

Here is the list of what the vet wanted to do. She needs to have a physical exam, heartworm test, flea and tick tests. These are done annually, but all are due after the shots. My mother is looking for someone to help her with the physical exams. I know I cannot handle that at the age I am now. If I would have known what a pain that was, I would have brought her to a vets when I got her. We have had great experiences with that vet.

A very well behaved dog with lots of potential. A real people dog, not too stubborn, yet not one that has no respect at all for others. There is so much potential here, I just want to see what I can do to help her. She is just a joy to be around, when she is in good health.

Dogs do not come with user manual.

My parents are going to help pay for any vet work. My mom wants to do this while she is still able to do it. I am thinking of going back to work when the time is right.

We also wanted to add that she is a very smart dog. She never gives up or has an easy time getting a toy. She actually has very high play skills. She has been known to throw toys across the room, through the air to other dogs. My favorite time to play with her is after I get done working at the shop. She is all about play then.

A few dogs at the park, will have fun with her. She doesn't even need to take a toy, she will just play and want to play. Even the dogs that have had a bad experience with her so far have enjoyed having her around. She doesn't know how to be mean or mean anything else. I think she has found out what she can and cannot do.

I have a hard time keeping her on a leash. I think she just wants to run around and see what she can find to be happy.

She sleeps in my room, not by my bed. But when I am not home, she will go to my parents room.

I think she has good and bad characteristics. She is playful, but she has also been very vocal. She does not like other dogs. But she will come up to them and then play with them. She also will chase and play with smaller animals like cats and even ferrets.

Yes, she can be mean, when she sees another dog, she growls at them. I have to hold her off of them with my hand. She is not very gentle. But she is kind of like a puppy. She is not afraid of people at all. She is just very excited around people. And has never had an issue.

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