Dog patches for vest

Dog patches for vest

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Dog patches for vestibular system

This image shows the normal dog’s ear.

What causes vestibular problems in dogs?

Any disorder that affects the inner ear is called a vestibular disorder. You can see the vestibular system in action in the video below, where the dog’s head is spinning around. The dog’s neck must continually tighten up and relax to counterbalance the direction of the spinning head. If a dog has a vestibular disorder, it will not be able to move its head in the same way that it normally does, which can cause serious and disabling problems.

For the same reason that it’s important to ensure that your dog doesn’t knock over any of your cat’s food, it’s equally important to make sure that your dog doesn’t have a serious vestibular problem. When your dog has a vestibular disorder, it can be fatal.

What types of vestibular problems can dogs have?

The most common types of vestibular problem in dogs are:

Vestibular epilepsy

Dysfunction of the vestibular system due to nerve damage

Vestibular neuritis

Vestibular migraine

Dysfunction of the vestibular system due to central nervous system damage

Vestibular paroxysmia

The vestibular system is part of the peripheral nervous system. It receives input from sensory nerves, including sensory information from the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body and transmits information to the central nervous system. The vestibular system helps the body maintain balance and senses movement, acceleration and position.

How can dogs have vestibular problems?

Vestibular problems are usually caused by an injury or the degeneration of a vestibular nerve. The vestibular system communicates with the brain through the vestibular nerve. Damage to the vestibular nerve can cause vestibular damage, leading to vestibular problems in dogs. Other vestibular nerve injuries, such as a head injury, can also cause vestibular problems.

Because vestibular nerves run parallel to the nerves that control your dog’s facial muscles and neck muscles, your dog might experience neck pain after a head injury, as well.

Do you suspect your dog has vestibular problems? The more information you can give your vet, the better. You might say your dog was hit by a car and has just gotten over a concussion. You can also tell your vet that your dog was involved in an accident, had surgery, or has had another injury to the head, neck or spinal cord that is not related to his vestibular problems. If you have any further questions about vestibular problems or anything else, please call (770) 524-4848.

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