Woman killed pack of dogs

Woman killed pack of dogs

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Woman killed pack of dogs with her car, husband was stabbed - now she's charged

A woman is in jail after she intentionally killed a pack of dogs with her car.

A 29-year-old woman intentionally ran over a pack of dogs in the parking lot of a grocery store near the intersection of Highway 824 and Highway 35 in the tiny community of Nipawin, Sask. on Sunday morning.

Saskatchewan's Solicitor General and Attorney General, Don Morgan confirmed to CBC News on Monday that the woman will face criminal charges. He would not specify what those charges are at this time.

Nipawin is a community of about 3,000 people located about 150 kilometres north of Regina and about 40 kilometres south of Saskatoon.

"The individual has been charged and that's all I can say about that at this time," said Morgan.

"But there will be a judicial determination, that will be done on the basis of that. And when there is a criminal act like that, there is always an investigation conducted by the RCMP and they then present it to the Crown for consideration."

The Saskatchewan government said a provincial government review committee will be looking at the issue of responsible dog ownership.

The woman's husband was stabbed multiple times when he confronted her after the attack on the dogs and then left to die on the road.

He told police that his wife was upset because they had recently had a miscarriage and he had failed to get a new dog.

Two of the dogs, a Labrador Retriever and a white and brown pitbull, were put down following the attack and two others are in the care of the SPCA.

The incident happened just before 11 a.m. Sunday.

Witnesses said they saw a silver-coloured vehicle in the parking lot, and heard it speeding away from the scene.

Saskatchewan RCMP said in a statement that the husband was attacked while trying to protect his property.

"The suspect in this case is an adult female, and was a passenger in a vehicle, and allegedly threw a rock through a glass door at the residence, where the incident occurred," the statement said.

Witnesses said a grey vehicle was seen leaving the park. (Saskatchewan RCMP)

"The complainant's wife appeared at the residence armed with a weapon and allegedly struck the male complainant in the head with the weapon, and he subsequently received serious injuries. He was left on the roadway to die."

The RCMP added that "it is alleged the suspect was angry at the husband for an unknown reason and the suspect continued to drive away with her boyfriend."

A man, who was on the scene when the attack happened, managed to flag down a car that stopped.

The couple are believed to have had a baby in January, CBC News has learned.

Two dogs, a Labrador Retriever and a greyhound were also with the couple at the time of the attack.

The couple and their two dogs were on their way home when the attack occurred, CBC News has confirmed.

The couple and their two dogs were on their way home from church when the attack happened. (Facebook)

The animals were not harmed.

"The victim in this case was the owner of the dog. Both of them went home in the same vehicle," RCMP said in a statement.

The suspect has been charged with assault with a weapon.

RCMP will not confirm whether the suspect was in custody.

The incident comes just a few days after police arrested a man after he allegedly tried to force a woman into his vehicle in the Halifax area.

The alleged attack in the Spring Garden area occurred at 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, but police did not release the name of the victim until Tuesday.

On Saturday, police arrested a man in Dartmouth after they say he pulled into a residence, assaulted a woman inside and fled.

With files from Sarah MacMillan and The Canadian Press